Infinite Flight Releases 3D Buildings

tried it still nothing

Unfortunately, the A10 doesn’t appear to support 21.1. The processor is 64bit, but Samsung have installed a 32bit OS, which means the 21.1 update can’t run.

You can continue to use 20.3 though, this will still be available. Sorry for the inconvenience here

thx well that is a sad news for me :/

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Yess!! Thank you guyss🙌🏼🔥🙏🏼

We are really sorry about that :/ it’s a shame because the device’s processor supports it, but Samsung aren’t leveraging the full capabilities of the device. We need to make these changes to continue supporting improvements going forward.


yes! i’ve been playing this update in beta and it looks so good

Question: Does the update automatically install?

To my knowledge I had to manually update it

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Welp, looks like I’m not getting this update any time soon. Thirteen hours until landing :D


RIP, enjoy that flight of yours 👍

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Thanks! It would’ve been another ten hours but my flight got delayed due to headwinds.

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same for me

for example this issues is still visible in the update 757 spoiler glitch

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I just wanted to pause for a second - not take this for granted. Really just take a second before jumping into this amazing flight simulator to thank all of the IF Developers (@Cameron , and all the others) for making this possible. It has been so long, and so much skill & development, resulting in an outstanding product. I am so proud of all of the IF Team for bringing the best flight simulator possible to the IFC. Can’t wait to try it out after school, we are reworking the IF community one step at a time! Good job.

Have a nice morning.


Chief Executive Officer | Fly Global Virtual Airlines


Wow i cant wait Nice job Infinite flight keep up with the great Work 😉

Glad it’s being released for everyone! It’s time to do big events for the community ;)


jaja same here!

Yay it’s out!

I just downloaded 21.1 from the Play Store on my BlueStacks 4, I’m having a problem selecting the aircraft, whenever I click to choose it, Infinite Flight simply closes. Could someone who has already managed to download 21.1, confirm me that this problem is exclusively mine?

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Yes, and the texture inconsistencies, buildings disappear in free cam, gear sink into runway
I just feel like we shouldn’t rush this update. Or these issues can be addressed later in hotfixes?

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