Infinite Flight Releases 3D Buildings

Next one


Awesome! i hope we get Singapore as well. Plus we need more 3d airports in africa and the middle east too.

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That part! 3D buildings in Africa would boost traffic, as well as ATC activity. On the African tracking thread sadly only South Africa gets featured.


That stinks!

3 more airports 👀

They’re aiming for an early June release :)

maybe within the next week or two…


Yeah I would be surprised if there’s an Open Beta on this one.

Given its likely to just be some airport buildings and some small quality of life improvements.


I don’t think will be necessary to open a beta


Precisely. Im going to be fairly honest and admit that since the 3D airport release, most of my flights have been between 3D airports and since most are in Europe and North America, I’ve rarely flown outside those regions since 21.1.


Can’t really blame you to be honest, hopefully the team will change that by implementing more 3D airports within Africa

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Yepp fingers crossed

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Hope most of the bugs in 21.1 beta can be squashed now.
Such as the transparent bug

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YSSY, RJTT, NZAA, WSSS. That region is almost complete with major airports. Just missing VHHH and maybe Beijing.

What would happen if they released 3D buildings on 32 bit devices? Would it break the device or would it make no difference? Because i was really looking forward to playing IF with them, and now i cant :(

Wouldn’t say it’d break the device but it wouldn’t be up to company standards on those devices. It would make a lot of those users unhappy that they can’t properly enjoy this last update and the ones ahead.

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At least RFS is supported on my device i suppose

oh yeah also, is the 2019 tab A supported?

Here you go, go ahead and take a look!

I am hoping LGAV and LSZH are getting 3D in 21.2 but that probably isn’t happening.

I have now downloaded the new update :)
New 3D Airports : UUDD, RKSI, CYOW, MHTG, LGAV