Infinite Flight Releases 3D Buildings

This looks like toncontin to me

I don’t think it is Toncotin as there would be more mountains towards the terminal.

It’s definitely toncontin. If you look at the imagery on the mountains behind the terminal in the pictures, they match up identically. Also the taxiway is identical.


My local airport too 😄😄😄
We will. And we go head-a-head with Gatwick.
They are just slightly ahead because they have Intercontinental routes. But STN will change. And will win

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Will airports like KSAN, KHHR, KLAS, KSAV, MYGF, and a few other places have 3D buildings?

You’ll just have to wait and see :)

Welcome to Infinite Flight! 👍

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Ummm my game on my phone is not updated could y’all do something about it

Hi Jeremiah and sorry for any issues you may be facing. This update was a very hefty one adding brand new content Infinite Flight has never seen before. With that being said, the Android compatibility requirements have been increased due to this. You can read more below on the new device compatibility changes.


We need EHAM!


Zurich too ^^


Is it coming to KMCO and KPHL?

We don’t know yet. Stay tuned


Hi, my device is a 32bit, now I still don’t have the update button but as you can Infinite flight removed the support 32 bit device and I have that in my Samsung j8 device so when I went to safari in then went to play store ( the website) I searched infinite flight and it says This app is available for some of your devices is there a way to fix? or do I do re install the app?

There is no way to install 21.1 on a device that does not have a 64-bit chipset AND 64-bit Android installed. Sorry!

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do you mean does not ?


Too quick on the keyboard there. Thanks :)


@schyllberg Can I post a 3D building request as an IFC vote post?

Can you? :)


Ooof… sorry i was stupid :(