Infinite Flight Releases 3D Buildings

How I wish!

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Great to hear that more 3D airports are already well underway!

Also hoping that various features on existing airports are also being worked on (mainly in regards to curved structures) but I realize that may take more than a couple of months of development time.

True ! It would be fire for 🔥🔥 @AF-KLM_VA pilots 🔥🔥 as @Jeremy351 told me ^^ .

For @easyJetVirtual too imo !

And way more (not only VAs) !!


Yes but I have a feeling it will only have the 5 new airports and some fixes, as the A330 is nowhere near ready. Still can’t complain about new airports so quick after 21.1.

Yeah IF did confirm in the replies that the A330 isn’t coming in 21.2. Hopefully there is more to this update than just 5 new 3D airports otherwise you might as well just call this update 21.1.1.

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Wait… Where’d you see this news about the A330?

Not if it’s the second update of 2021. Then it’s 21.2. Hotfixes are branded 21.1.1 etc.


It was on their twitter about the 21.2 update.

Hold up a minute…21.2 in June?!?! - we’ve only just calmed down from 21.1…

Man this is going to be a good year for Infinite Flight!


Same here. I was acually quite surprised it wasn’t included in the 21.1 release haha



Hoping that IF will add text and roads/train tracks

It think the roads is not something they’ll do yet, but who knows 🤷
Would be really cool details

Of course in good time, but I’d love to see Stansted (EGSS) my local, home airport with 3D buildings ☺️

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The 21.2 will only come with Airports?

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Nothing other than that 5 airports will be making it to the coming update has been mentioned.


Are there any plans to update KSFO airport with the new terminal 1?

I wonder now that we have 3D airports, how is that going to affect development of reworked or added aircraft.

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They have separate team working on aircraft models.


Hi Jack,could you please send me the Screenshot of Toncontin Airport? Thank You!

No it wasn’t it was shown to actually be Mexico City