Infinite Flight Regions

If the Singapore region is getting a new revamp will we Singapore back to us since it was a free region before the global update?

Tyler Shelton

Thank you for contacting support. We have removed the Singapore Region, which was previously free, because we currently do not offer HD scenery in this location. This region may be returned to service when we get high quality scenery for that area. Thank you for your understanding.

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No point in making a thread answer was in what tyler has previously said to you…

He did not say it to me he said it to someone else

Regardless. You answered your own question:)

Can we add more regions
such as las vegas and parts of canada

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That’s up for staff to decide. If you want the whole world. Buy subscription. If not, be happy that they expand the LA region to KSFO so

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Are you staff?

Nope just a member

It lacks a Solo World Wide subscription for those who want play solo throughout the globe

Then let me ask you a question. The reasons their pricing model is the way it is, is because, they have to pay themselves and everyone involved, developers, the data companies and they have to pay for servers and i believe copyright fees as well in order to use the planes and liverys so. So there’s an initial pay and thrn subscription. Why would they give more regions away for free? or for a lower price? When people can pay month by month and get everything. Atc, worldwide access and all the planes

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So I don’t pay because I don’t need ATC and co.
But I would have paid (and would like to pay for) a World Wide Solo Only subscription, which doesn’t exist.

You get what you get when you don’t buy a subscription…

You’re not paying for ATC and aircraft. You’re paying for the scenery as well, which is very expensive to run.

Don’t forget the weather as well