Infinite Flight Record | Longest 737 Flight (17 hours)

About 2 months ago I attempted the world record for the longest 737 flight, but later found out it wasn’t the record. Well today, that all changes. 17 hours and 22 minutes non stop to Sydney. Previous record was held by @LordWizrak with a time of 17:03.

Flight Details
Aircraft: 737-700 (IF 2018 livery)
Cruise altitude and speed: FL350 at M.75
Flight time: 17hrs 22mins

Taking off overweight at CYYC preparing for the long journey ahead

Goodbye Calgary!

Above the Rockies

Leaving Canada 🇨🇦

Hello Australia! (I tried to replicate the IF app logo lol)

Landing in Sydney 🇦🇺

Parked at the gate!

Time to give my iPad a rest lol
Thanks for viewing :D


Wow what a journey! That IF logo looks pretty good!

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Thanks!! I tried my best to replicate it, and it came out pretty good lol :D

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Seriously impressive! I’m waiting for a budget airline to start flying this route on the 737 now (Westjet?). Side note: I think I would be miserable on a 737 for 17+ hours…

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For westjet to be able to operate this they would need a lot of fuel and a BBJ aircraft, and yeah I couldn’t imagine anyone surviving a 737-700 flight for that long lol

Great photos, welcome back!

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Thanks!! :D

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Full of fuel and no passangers? Impressive

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Full fuel and 1 passenger. (which was me). Thanks :D

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I still remember I told you that I could not be bothered to look through my logbook for the longest flight in the B737-700. Since you’ve tagged me, however, I’ve decided to check through my logbook to see if there’s anything longer, and it looks like there is a longer flight still.


That only says 11 hours and 33 minutes though… wait nvm I see the other part lol

If I had a nickel for every time you thought you beat my flight time record in the B737-700, I’d have two nickels - which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice.


I’ll try a longer one when I can :)

There was a UPSV pilot that flew it 18 hrs and 38 min from Louisville, KY to Sydney.


I like pushing the boundaries of long flights, so may have to have a bash at this one 🛫🪐

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I’d like to see you try.

Good luck :D

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Woah that’s a long flight!

Didn’t know the 737 could push that long. I might try this route out sometime! :)

What an odyssey congrats!

Yeah I was surprised too lol