Infinite Flight Realism

How much do you think Infinite Flight is real !? There are many factors so if there is any real pilot here what do you think ??

Uh…what? It’s a flight sim. All of the planes are real. Most of the liveries are real. Landing gear, strobes, flaps, and spoilers are all real. The game was created from flying, which is real.


Infinite Flight seems real to me. I mean, I’m playing it right now, so…

All jokes aside, I think that IF is pretty darn realistic. Sure, we don’t have every single feature in the world, but then again, it’s a mobile simulator and the devs are still working on many updates for the future. I think that for its price, the devs did an amazing job making sure the game is realistic, and I can’t wait to see what happens in the future.


10% if you take care of reality. IF will never give you flying sensations, floating, falling, turning, acceleration, and so on.

Talking about a game as flying physics: 90%, for example A321 can bobbing like real pilots can complain.

As plane graphism: 90%

As landscape: 40% there’s a lack of weather elements. Night lights.

If I could marry IF et Aerofly : 99% (as a game)

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Actually they can, most new mobile phones and tablets are plenty powerful for advanced 3d graphics.

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For this use any other flight simulators

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As a pilot in training, I’d say that it is a game/simulator however you want to call it, but the weather is a big downfall in the sim.


I’d love to see skiers on mountains and boats jk lol

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Thanks for the input (: