Infinite Flight Real Life Audio and Co-Pilot!

Check out this super cool video! Make sure you subscribe to this channel to help it grow!


You can just use Zello chatting for this

No I just made this for a cool video.

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Nice attempt but it needs more work (your friend sounds nervous)


:(. Hey we tried also which one?

You guys sound so young XD but I’m probably your age. Nice, though.

Actually we are the same age! XD

Please watch the vid it gets good towards the end.

  • Nice Video!
  • It Was Crap!

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Nice video. Seems realistic other than having the ATC Voice the same as your co-pilot…

No ATC was someone else.

Do you guys want to see another channel with better content?

I can send the link if you guys want.

Well done fellas 👏🏽. Not many people are as brave as you guys :)

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Thank you very much for that!

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