Infinite Flight RB211-535E4 Engine Sounds

Hello everyone!

I just have a query. Where did Infinite Flight get their RB211 engine sounds from? I’m sure a lot of people are aware that the interior engine sounds don’t sound realistic. Am i the only one thinking this? Also, with the exterior engine sounds, when i’m spooling up, it doesn’t have the full spool sound. I would really appreciate an answer! Thank you!


Hmm… That’s a really good Question I really don’t know

I think it was a recording implemented…

On the outside, but I think they used the generic sound for other planes in the inside.

ok thanks. it doesn’t sound extremely realistic to me. Especially the interior. the real buzzsaw sound only comes when at cruising altitude i’ve found

Supposedly the interior sound is from the cockpit, it would be nice to have the roar we always known the 757 for. The exterior sounds I would say are definitely better.

Cause they wanted to focus on the graphics for the interior.

That’s what I meant.

yes indeed. but the buzzsaw in the interior sound is so unrealistic

They use the same sounds for all new aircraft in the flight deck.

no they don’t

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They don’t, but it’s not realistic either.

nope it’s not. they should’ve used recordings from people filming takeoffs in the 757. even that would’ve been better

Then why did you say this when you just said this then?!

I think they should just make the buzzsaw a bit more pronounced in the interior. After all it’s in the cockpit and not a seat view.

Exactly. They just created the inside sounds…

We don’t know though

Just wait for a staff member to confirm before comfirming something else please

that’s true. the main problem for me is the spool up and buzzsaw

Did they say this?! Didn’t know you was a dev

Because of his reply