Infinite Flight ranked 5th in simulator rating by a famous YouTube channel

Hello Community, it’s always a matter of pride and joy for me whenever I see IF securing it’s position in any simulator ranking on any platform.
About 2 hours ago a YouTube channel named ’ TheFlightChannel ’ (some of you might even know this channel) released a new video about simulator ranking in the world . The more exciting thing is that the ranking was done regardless of all digital platforms, that means whether it was a PC simulator or a mobile simulator, the ranking had been done from all the simulators in the world.

Infinite Flight secured 5th position and was the only mobile simulator to secure any ranking and rest of them were all PC simulators!!! Congratulations to the community and basically that covers everyone from the devs to the public.

What do you guys think about this?

According to me this is very awesome because IF secured a place among big and hefty sims like Xplane and who knows if it were to release on PC , it would’ve been a real competitor to other big simulators!

Video link down below!

Simulator Rankings according to this video -

1st - X-Plane11
2nd - Prepar3D V4
3rd - X-Plane10
4th - Flight Simulator X
5th - Infinite Flight Simulator

Watch the video here -

Also I hope no one else posted this before me :P


IF is definitely the best flight sim on mobile. Next time it will be the best flight sim overall.


It always frustrates me when people say there are better mobile flight simulators than Infinite Flight. Obviously since I’m an Infinite Flight user you can say I’m biased, but since the global update it’s just a fact…Infinite Flight offers the most for its users, and so far no other mobile flight sim can do the same. Infinite Flight deserves to be in the top 5.


Maybe it should be in the top three, if one takes into consideration the platforms that are used.


5th? BLASPHEMY! It should be #1! Well…whatever 5th is good enough…


As good as IF is, it doesn’t stand a chance against Prepar3D, X-Plane 11. Those are fully maxed sim’s, too bad they require a PC. Just trying not to be biased.


You can’t really compare a PC flight sim to a mobile one. Still congrats FDS!


Stay that way ;)

p.s. those games are great but the devs aren’t as generous as Laura is. Laura doesn’t make us pay hundreds of dollars. Just 4.99 9.99, 79.99, etc. For that we are eternally greatful


True most of us IF users are a young audience like me that have no access to that kind of money or a good PC that can run that sim.

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Most PC flight simulators are under $100. P3D V4 has several different versions so that is different. Back on topic now…

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For some reason I think this thread should be closed before it tuns into debate over the better simulator.


Lol he recorded that pre-global, also photoshop much…

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Also I think that Prepar3d should come in front of XP-11 based on the videos I’ve seen, but that’s me.


Congrats on IF .
Another barometer reading that the mobile world is de rigueur.
PC ’ s have been eclipsed for sometime which is why I got a tablet this time around instead of a PC.

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Yes I agree but it’s really astonishing to see IF really competing other Sims!

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Before the add-ons…


Yes I was expecting him to show global imagery and scenery though! Even the comment section is full of people telling him to show global scenery!

Well they’re both marginally good. Both of them differ from each other in few but important aspects!
Honestly I always stay confused between the two

This is awesome, BUT…Is anyone else wondering why Xplane11 is above Prepar3d? Saaayyy whaaaa???


Honestly no idea about that xD