Infinite Flight Rank 2 in Racing Appstore

Infinite Flight is at Number 2 in the Paid Racing Category on U.S Appstore! I don’t think it should be on Racing, but it’s still number 2!


I guess that is cool…
And look at the time and your battery! Maybe charge it… lol


Very cool , hopefully it will take over the #1 spot in the near future ! Also going to add a updated review on the app store , i recommended to do this as well as it really helps FDS out…

Turning off Bluetooth helps , i have no clue why people keep it on 24/7 even thou they don’t need it on !


Why has this turned into advice on battery usage…I am charging it. 17% now.


Racing/Flight Simulator
This don’t seem right.


Infinite Flight is so awesome, it literally fits into every possible category 😂

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Continue it here 😉

Never a bad time to help others optimise their battery use. I did think this was a #lounge post at first hence why i placed the battery advice at the bottom being separated with a line as if that was my only comment it would be off-topic as this a #general post.

Hope that explains it…

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I think they just put any game/simulator that dows with cars or planes in racing.

How is this not No1 in flight games? Oh wait no, we have 8 year olds complaining about how everything is so expensive and want FDS to make live and everything free saying ‘‘plz plz plz my parentz wont let me. Plz Infinite Flight make it free’’. NAH AH. Anyways the app is expensive (I’ve spent 127 odd pounds on Infinite Flight excluding Live Subs, yes, I am that crazy) but, FDS have put a lot of effort and hard work. Electricity. Time, Money, Coding. Just to get a simulator on mobile devices which everyone will love. I thank FDS for that. But what are your guys opinions on App ratings and expenses?


Um, also, there isn’t a flight games chart in the IOS app store…

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IF is a must to the ones who can’t afford PC flight siming.

Just because it is in racing, doesn’t mean go 2x the speed of sound please…😒😒😒


The more impressive statistic is that it makes top 10 on top grossing, meaning the app has users convinced that is not only worth buying, but also buying IAP’s.

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I have to keep mine on for my Apple Watch… anyways very cool to see IF #2 in Racing!

Infinite Flight is number 21 on paid simulation games in US AppStore!

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This doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s higher in racing, when it isn’t a racing game, yet lower in simulation, in which it is a simulator.

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Which simply says that simulator games gets bought more in that specific country,

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Whichever way… good achievement!

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