Infinite Flight Randomly crashes

Do you know by any chance if battery saver enabled during the flight?

@Captainflight all due respect, but if you are not an android user please leave this to me

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Battery saver was enable @Kirito_77

@Captainflight it happens once every 7-8 days

Do you know specifically if battery saver enabled during the flight, as in does it turn on while you are flying?

How long was the flight and how much battery you had?

Yeah @Kirito_77 the battery saver was on As I was doing a long haul and my phone was at 85% battery or so

I had done 4hrs of flight and battery was at 20% when the app Crashed at the start of flight it was at 85%

Sorry to be so specific, but did you turn it on at the start of the flight or during the flight? I only ask because there is presently an issue in A10 that causes the sim to crash on some devices when battery saver is enabled

I took off then while crusing my phone was at 85% so I unplugged the charger and kept it on battery saver then after 4 hours of flight it came down to 20% and then app crashed @Kirito_77

Okay, I have a feeling that might be the issue. Does your phone turn battery saver on at 20% by default?

Nope it does at 15%

What must be the issue @Kirito_77?

Well as I said above, since Android 10, there is an issue with some devices that causes the application to crash when it enters low power/ battery saver. It’s an issue I have on every Pixel device I own. Have you ever had one of these crashes when your device is plugged into a charger?

@Josh_Smith both of those cases are related to an iOS device. The first was related to an app issue and the second the device being just old.

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What I would say is to look back at other topics like these and do what is told in the other topics.
For example:

Look at what others have said on how to resolve this issue.

Im just giving an example. There are just example topics about this. Im just saying to look through the community to see if you found a solution. Those were 2 examples of like 50 of the same topic. There is probably a solution out there.

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Okay @Josh_Smith @Kirito_77

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just look through. There are many reasons why the app crashes. Thats what I did, and I resolved the issue.

When it is crashing, does it just close or does it give a message of “Infinite Flight has Stopped”?

If the app is closing with no message this means that the OS is killing the app most likely because of a lack of resources.

  • Try different graphics settings.
  • Turn off Anti Aliasing
  • Ensure your battery is full or plugged in.
  • Make sure you are not running on your devices low power mode (different from IF low power mode)
  • Ensure you have free storage space
  • Ensure you have a strong network connection
  • Limit background running applications (instagram, facebook, etc)
  • Try flying without 3rd party add-ons
  • If all else fails a reinstall may be needed. Please backup any replays you wish you keep as the uninstall will delete replays. Uninstall, reboot, install. try again

Ok Thank you

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