Infinite Flight Randomly crashes

My phone’s Infinite Flight Randomly crashes during long hauls…other all apps work properly only have problem with IF,My device is OnePlus 5T

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What setting is your quality at?

Sometimes it’s Low sometimes High but during long hauls I set it to low,still it crashes

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Hi @Omkar_Rathi, sorry to hear you’re having an issue… Is this an application crash to home screen, or does your device crash and restart?

Also, what version of android are you using?

It crashes to home screen and I have Android Version 10.0.1

Could you try reinstalling the app ??

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I did that still it happens

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Before the crash, are there any indications such as lag, an ANR (app not responding) warning, a RAM warning or is it just fully random?

Theres a notification saying ANR and it closes down

Sorry to pile on the questions, is your device plugged into a charger or on battery when this happens?

It wasn’t plugged

How often does this happen? like once every X amount of flight

Do you know by any chance if battery saver enabled during the flight?

@Captainflight all due respect, but if you are not an android user please leave this to me

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Battery saver was enable @Kirito_77

@Captainflight it happens once every 7-8 days

Do you know specifically if battery saver enabled during the flight, as in does it turn on while you are flying?

How long was the flight and how much battery you had?

Yeah @Kirito_77 the battery saver was on As I was doing a long haul and my phone was at 85% battery or so

I had done 4hrs of flight and battery was at 20% when the app Crashed at the start of flight it was at 85%

Sorry to be so specific, but did you turn it on at the start of the flight or during the flight? I only ask because there is presently an issue in A10 that causes the sim to crash on some devices when battery saver is enabled