Infinite Flight Random Crashes (App)

I was flying from OTHH-KPHL in a Qatar A350 and had just passed the 13-hour mark for my flight. I was at 10% battery on an iPad Pro which has done many flights just like this one. At 38000 feet with a stable internet connection.

And then the Infinite Flight app quits.

Anyone know why or how I can fix this?

On long flights using a reworked aircraft like the A350, crashes can be pretty likely. Did you have all fo your graphics on low and did you restart before the flight?

I had done a software update (which Apple automatically restarts) and then restarted manually. Brightness was as low as I could have it.

make sure your graphics and such are low in settings, have battery saving mode on, make sure there is nothing running in the background/apps open, and your brightness should be low as well and clearing your cache in settings as well to minimize crashes. thats all you can really do.

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