Infinite Flight Radio

Hello IFC

I am asking you today the question if people would like a infinite flight radio. I would be interested to run it as I already run a online radio. Please fill out the poll below.

Thanks for reading

Chris Wing

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

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What’s the difference between Infinite Flight radio and any other radio station?

We have one. We could just add you to the team…


I would make a poll where people could suggest songs and the most suggested songs would be played

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This is unrelated to Infinite Flight if it is just song based.

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I could also add news about infinite flight. This is only an idea I am not going to make a radio if nobody wants it

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Again, this is a duplicate

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We have one that includes current Major Airport METARs, IF Chat, Group Flight Reports, along with today’s hits aswell as past hits

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There is no limit to the number of these sorts of ideas that can exist as no-one owns the idea and they are unofficial. This has been closed as it needs much, much more thought.