Infinite Flight Radar Client - Making your ATC experience as realistic as possible!

Infinite Flight Radar Client

What Is IFRC?

IFRC is a Windows based software utilizing Ross Carlson’s Virtual Radar Client that injects Infinite Flight traffic from your session onto a realistic depiction of various Air Traffic Systems.

IFRC is currently in the earliest stages of development and is not yet available for general use. This thread will serve to gauge interest on certain features and for the eventual public release of IFRC.

Sample Images

Confirmed Features

  • Complete traffic injection with limited latency
  • Seamless connection to Infinite Flight utilizing the Connect API
  • 5 second position updates for Terminal
  • 12 second position updates for Enroute
  • Text commands correlating to ATC commands in-app
  • Full support of the United States National Airspace System
  • Documentation and SOPs for all sectors

Planned Features

  • Global airspace coverage
  • Voice control*
  • Ability to control multiple frequencies simultaneously
  • Support for local positions(tower and ground)
  • An independent radar client, built from the ground up**

*Voice control will be correlated with in app commands and will not send your exact words

**A long term goal and currently in the earliest stages of development

A large thank you to Cameron, Kai, and Tyler for making this project possible.


Looks interesting!

  1. Just out of curiosity, would this be a free or paid client?
  2. Voice control: how would you work around different accents and languages? Even smart AI from large companies, such as Amazon Alexa, are having trouble with this.

Best of luck with this project!


So this is what you were working on a while ago. Can’t wait to use this once I become an officer!


Can someone explain what exactly this will do, I’m not hating on your idea, it sounds cool I’m just confused on what the idea actually is


The radar “scope” that you currently see in Infinite Flight while controlling is a bit unrealistic and is missing many visual features that help real world controllers(airspace boundaries, minimum vectoring altitudes, video maps, etc).

In simplified terms this program already grabs the aircraft you see on this scope, and displays it on your computer screen. The goal is to make this screen as realistic to real world counterparts while still being able to control from it. It would also allow controllers to have a better sense of terrain, traffic separation, navigational aids, all on a larger screen.

The images I attached above are from expert server controlling sessions on a display made to resemble(the now retired) DSR system.


100% free, no payment required for the base product or any updates that would follow it.

The libraries I’ve currently been experimenting with learn from the users voice over time, adapting to accents and gradually increasing accuracy. It’s not going to work for everyone immediately, but it will be able to nail down different accents that people might have as you use the program. Note that this is a very early implementation of voice recognition and may very well be changed if I come up with a better solution. As far as languages, English is the initial plan, although I will consider adding other languages after gauging demand.

Regardless, you will be able to control using your keyboard all the same :)

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With this ‘learning from your voice’, does that mean it will store my voice data and what/how I speak? Aka. Will you be keeping my voice

No, there is no data storage of any kind. On a Windows machine, it will essentially be this: Use voice recognition in Windows - Microsoft Support

And on that subject, there will be no data collection of any kind; the program will run 100% on your own network and does not communicate with any sort of server on my side. The only external communication is through the Connect API to Infinite Flight.

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This is something I absolutely love! I am starting my ATC training soon and getting a headstart like this would really help as I am honestly a bit worried about controlling in Infinite Flight during my training phase for real world ATC as I am afraid I would get too accustomed to the IF wording instead of the real world procedures. Making IF more realistic (even though it can’t fix all issues of course) would diminish this worry of mine!

I know a very weird issue, and maybe it will turn out to be different after all, but right now that’s a concern of mine ^^

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So kind of like openscope but instead of AI traffic it is infinite flight?

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That makes more sense, thank you, this sounds like a amazing idea and I’ll be sure to follow its development.

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You can think of it as that yeah, it will just have more features that openscope doesn’t necessarily have due to how it is used.

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Very original idea! Excited to see the end result 😉

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Very interesting! This looks similar to radar scopes I’ve used at school. I’m excited to see the final result!

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wow this looks great! its basically a map and ur main device is what u usee to communicate! great idea

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I would love this! :)

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You’ll actually be able to control through the radar client itself.

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oh my god! that is great! cant wait for it to be released

I’m definitely hyped.

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this one will be a huge thing once it comes out