Infinite Flight Racing Organisation (concept)

Hello all!

I’ve been thinking of a new idea that brings a whole new live experience for IF. I’ve been thinking of some sort of racing organisation that hosts races every weekends with pilots in teams of 2 competing for 1st place.

How would it work? A specific route will be assigned to all pilots, which you will have to complete in the shortest possible time. The flight with the shortest time wins of course. Racing events will be held in airports all over the world, with spectators allowed to come and watch. For it to be thrilling, F-14s will be used for the races to ensure that there is speed, speed and speed.

Each team will have 2 pilots, and depending on the place you finish you will earn points that will be added to the team scores. This system will mean a driver may become the world champion while his team doesn’t.

The racing season would possibly be held over a couple of weeks. It will be similar to F1: every weekend you race somewhere different around the world.

Keep in mind that this is all just a concept!

Do you guys think this is a good idea? Vote below!

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I remember @THE-OP and @DeerCrusher Having a race like this.


There is currently a tournament going on run by the-op that is like this.

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Yes, but this will be over a long span of time. It would be like a racing season, similar to Formula 1 but for aviation

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I like the concept ; if you are planning to run a season like F1, howabout following the F1 locations when it comes to your fixture list? Example have a Dubai and Singapore 'Race" based in those regions / airports and you could also co-incide with events planned between the races for others to fly the long haul “support craft” between each location?


In my opinion, there couldn’t be a set route as people would cut the corners. You should have the races as (for example): “first person to Aberdeen from heathrow”, and then let people choose any route they like. If the race was to go ahead, you should also have a referee pilot disguised as a racer and someone at the other end. You should also make sure that no-one cuts ahead by spawning in at a closer airport, by noting down the people who start, and if more people are at the end than who started, you know who cheated.

Anyway, sounds like great fun, and I absolutely LOVE the idea. Very original and a great whole new approach to Infinite Flight.

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Oh wow, that actually sounds like an incredible idea!

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