Infinite Flight Quiz Series!

This is part of the Infinite Flight Gameshow Series.

Conceived by the same guy who brought you the Infinite Flight Olympics, as well as the 2016 Forum Awards, Thomas Galvin proudly presents a new way to bring out your inner Infinite Flight. The Infinite Flight Quiz Series will not only test your knowledge of the simulator itself, but you can LEARN about the history, the staff behind it all, the content of the simulator, and everything Infinite Flight related. There will be a series of quizzes, one or two per week, which will delve into different aspects of the Infinite Flight world. Each rule mentioned below must be followed closely or your scores will not be counted. This series will work as follows:

  • Each quiz there will be ten questions about a specific knowledge category of Infinite Flight.
  • You have the opportunity for 100 points. Each quiz your scores will be totaled and at the end of the series a reward (may or may not be given haven’t figured that out yet lol)


  • Each time you submit a quiz your name MUST be your forum or Facebook name. NO EXCEPTIONS. This name must also be continuous throughout the entire series. No changing it or you will be disqualified.
  • Cheating will be unavoidable. But I would hope that each of you have enough class to take this as a fun game, to challenge yourself. Not to be extremely competitive. Everybody is trying to have fun and nobody likes a cheater. Do not cheat.
  • You are not required to answer all ten questions, but you will not gain any points if you choose not to answer.
  • You do not lose any points for an incorrect answer. All correct answers will be shown after you submit the quiz.
  • 25 hours will be allotted to submit your form. After that the quiz will close.

This quiz will start out on the easy side. The quizzes will not be all this easy.

Expect more things like this. Jeopardy is in the process of being devised.
Good luck to all of you, and have fun in the process.

Here ya go!

Keep on gaming,


So am I aloud to cheat, or not. Since it’s unavoidable…

6/10. Noice.

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One of the questions is wrong


Yep. The true speed limit (In Ground Speed) between FL400 and FL10 is not listed


Changed. Thanks. I was saying in air speed, but too many people got confused.

Both got it right I changed your answers.


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Boy you guys must be getting sick of all my stuff hahahahaha. More to come 😝

Nice job! But, there’s a typo on the region question, and the airport one has 2 answers.


Cheers mate. It’s almost 1 am here. I better call it quits for the night.

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Also, what do you consider largest region. Airport or area?


Chicago would Just slaughter the competition in airport haha.

I specified underneath it.


Received a wrong for the proper answer. (Referring to the Expert Speed rules. Form already submitted)

It’s changed now. I had changed it a while ago. I think it’s something with the Internet.

Nobody has gotten a 100 yet.


Alright. Thanks. Goodnight ;)

Total points70/100

Total points 80/100. 70 if you count Google’s mistake as part of my team 😜

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Don’t blame me if Chicago isn’t the right answer 😳

Checked it with multiple sources. HUMAN sources.

If somebody can prove otherwise PLEASE let me know.


60/100. Need to learn more about IF ;)


Good night guys. Hopefully there are no more issues. Also, please share this around with your friends! Try and get this all the attention possible with this!

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