Infinite Flight Quick Reference Checklist

Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a great week!

So not until a few days ago I wanted to start making projects for the community and helping the community, so I present to you my first creation with more to come in the future…

Over the last 2 hours I created a Infinite Flight Quick Reference Checklist

you can use anytime by tapping on the link!

Here is an alternative link if the hyperlink doesn’t work:

This can be used during your flight if your device:

  1. Is compatible with overlaying apps which most newer devices have that function included in their system

  2. Or by downloading an overlay app

I know it’s a very simple creation but it is useful and educational for those that don’t know proper procedures and you may be asking why such a basic first creation…

Well my answer to that is simply, I am really keen on helping and creating things for you! Although it’s basic, like I said before, I’m planning something big and it will take time, maybe I’m going to make another creation in the meantime but I just ask you to bear with me!

That’s all from me, I hope you guys use this as it can be deemed useful, educational, realistic and professional to a certain extent!

Have a great weekend! 👋


Love the initiative Lubos! Really do like it!

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in pre-departure i want to add one thing that is fuel check

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That’s a good idea, but you can’t edit the PDF, only I can but when I have time I will do!

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because once airbone you cannot add up fuel but if you recognize your mistake you can add fuel but quite unrealistic but its ok nobody will be able to recognize that mistake

Yes I agree! Most pilots automatically fuel up first thing but it will be a good addition!

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Like this one? :)


Yours is a tad bit better 😁😂

Gave me inspiration, so I decided to do this although I have another project up my sleeve but that’ll take months…

Thankyou sir

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You’re welcome!

Have a good day :)

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