Infinite Flight Q & A

Welcome to the Infinite Flight Q & A. This is different then the QOTD as you get to ask questions and the community answers them! So say you wanna ask something not IF related, but you can’t make a topic, ask it here, and someone will answer it!
My First Question,
What is the biggest plane that can land at a municipal airport?
this isn’t a duplicate ive checked so the only reason to close it is if it never “takes off” ba dum tssss

How many topics do you need to make in a day?

That’s my question 😂


Your question depends on what municipal airport. Many different airports have different runway lengths…

@Rodney_Buckland Let’s go with my local municipal, Paso Robles Muni

Well it depends as well. That’s the temperature. But to be safe, it’s probably a C-17. Pretty short take off and landing aircraft. Runway 1-19 is 6,000 feet which is pretty long tbh

Yeah, that seems right, it was probably the biggest plane I’ve seen too. Recently it’s been a BAE 300 Fire plane

Depends if the muni has a 12 foot or 12 thousand foot runway

Question: Why you feel the mods need to get your permission to close a topic?


If someone here puts a topic not even related to this and a mod closes it, well that’s just means the mods are a little to OP. That’s what happened to my 737 MAX post a couple days ago

What’s the difference between your topic and Question Of The Day (QOTD) (CLOSED!)
This one ^?

Nothing! They’re the same!


No they aren’t, haven’t you looked at them, this is for people to ask any question that’s aviation related, that post is just the whole community answering a simple question each day by the creator so this is so you can have a question answered.
And btw this isn’t a trivia like that one