Infinite flight professional

Greetings to the producers of the ( infinite flight)
I wanted to offer you some suggestions about Infinite Flight Simulator.

1_In my opinion, if you make this game a little more natural, it would be better, including the actual boarding of the passengers inside the plane and the trailer welcoming the passengers by the stewards before the flight and getting ready.

2_Making the space around the( runway) look more natural during the (take off), as well as moving and shrinking objects and vehicles inside the airport after the take off

3_Also put functional options in the action menu to make the flight look more natural and put the A.T.C sound inside the cockpit. Also, the pilot walks around the plane in order to check the plane before the flight.
4_When landing at night, the runway lights do not have much light at all and the airport is dark, it is difficult to detect, and during the day, when the runway lands, it is difficult to detect. Please correct.

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Hey mate!! Ill say those are good ideas, but trust me the Infinite Flight team has not been disappointing at all. They have totally changed this simulator and trust me, they aren’t even close to being finished!! So just stay tuned because the IF team are hard working. They are producing Aircraft remakes with working animations, opening doors, and now even working trays!! They’ve added clouds, buildings and so much more and they are now working on even more buildings. Trust me within the next year I believe IF will have all of these amazing features because everyday the team is hard at work! If you keep up with their socials they also release WIP(Work In Progess) photos, liveries, and airports coming in future updates. I have know idea what the future holds, but I am excited and I know we’ll get these things soon!!


Welcome to the IFC!

Please vote in the #features category for your desired requests, using the search bar as a resource. For more information, please view the guide linked below.

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Let me just say this all of the things you have mentioned are great and propably will come out in Project Metal! Adding on adding a more natural ATC sound would be costly and hard to add to the game, right now we have a siri voice/ google assistant voice in the game! Finnaly, most of the things you mentioned will come in project metal.

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As Thunderbolt said!