Infinite Flight problems

Hey everyone I infinite flight has been hard to use nowadays I keep stalling and I can’t land properly if you know the issue please comment and tell me what to do

Operating system:

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Hello, what aircraft are you trying to land, what speed are you tying to land at and what’s the load of your airplane?

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You can follow the Infinite Flight tutorial which can help you :) There are a lot of videos and you have the choice to select which one correspond on your problem.
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Infinite Flight provides a flying guide, this may assist you: Introduction | Infinite Flight.

In addition, you can check out the flight planning playlist on IF’s YouTube channel, this tends to be helpful too:

So I’m trying to land all planes I don’t know the load count

Some professional tips (Sorry for the chat flood)

Depending on your aircraft, your landing speeds are going to vary. Since I fly the 737 family the most, the -700 has a landing speed of approximately 135 knots, the -800 has a speed of aprox 145 knots, and the -900 has a speed of aprox 149 knots. As long as you stay around that neighborhood, you should be fine.
Most larger aircraft tend fo have a higher landing speed, including the A350/777/747 and the 787, being around 150 knots to 165 knots, while smaller aircraft like the CRJ/ERJ, and A220 tend to be around 133 knots-142 knots.

Always make sure to flare (Pulling the nose slightly up to prevent a hard landing at around 30 feet).

Remember, it takes lots of practice. I remember myself struggling with landings a few years ago. Just like anything, the more you practice, the better you’ll get at landing.
And one other tip, if you have any doubts about the landing, or you feel like you are sinking way too fast, or are in a fog situation, you can AlWAyS gO arOunD

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Hi, your best chance of narrowing down a useful answer to your issue is to post a HUD view photo as you experience the problem.

This will rule out many questions for those trying to help, that could be a factor.

Try to include load, and if possible, have fps showing (this being a concern might ordinarily be less likely, but your prior topics I think mentioned some device performance issues that are a possible factor).

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