Infinite flight pro

Why does Infinite Flight Pro have to take $9.99 monthly, $49.99 semi yearly, and $79.99 yearly and not be a one time buy?

Because…it’s a subscription?


Because they are constantly trying to make things better, especially new 3D airports, reworked aircraft, and new updates in weather, physics and many other things. It’s completely worth it tho!

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My personal opinion will be:
Infinite Flight is a company at last and they need money to do the daily managing, buying servers, paying for their staffs and paying taxes. If they do a one time buy, they will quickly lost money flow and don’t have much more money on these daily costs.

It’s a business. Infinite Flight needs the money to develop the sim.

With the subscription, veteran users have played for over 7 years. In that case, would you be interesting in paying a down payment of over $1000? I don’t think so. The subscription ensures that the business has a steady flow of money while also giving players flexibility.

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If Pro was a one time only purchase, no income would be produced next month, driving IF into bankruptcy.

Famous “ Pay to Play “…you’re most welcome to make a one time payment of $800 good for 10 years if those choices aren’t good enough for you.

Why would it be called a subscription in the first place if it’s a onetime payment? You pay them monthly for regular delivery of services, it’s the definition of the word “subscription”

It’s a recurring payment.

It wouldn’t be feasible for Pro to be a one-time purchase because Infinite Flight has real on-going costs. They need to pay for server bandwidth to allow multiplayer to work (which is why multiplayer is only unlocked with a subscription - you’ve got to stream a lot of aircraft models, states, scenery and various other data, which you just cannot do for free), in addition to paying the staff members’ salaries and other expenses. As some other users have pointed out above, a perpetual license would be a huge sum of money for the end user to pay up-front, so a subscription model makes a lot of sense for a service with such on-going costs, such as Infinite Flight Pro.
They have to pay all of these somehow, there’s no free lunch, after all; and in my honest opinion, paying for a subscription is hundreds of times better than having ads plastered all over the app.

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