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Hey everybody i just got a pro subscription today! I am seeing a lot videos on yt about playing multiplayer systematically but i am very confused. I also cant understand the ATC things. What shall i do? And how can i get as a beginners i order to play. Thanks!


You start as Grade 1, and you get access to the Casual Server. This is a server where anything goes. Once you reach Grade 3, you can fly on Expert. There is no ATC on casual and ATC on training is not professionally trained. IFATC trained ATC is present in Expert.


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Check this for better understanding

And for the future in training server and Expert server

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You might want to see the post above me.

Man i am really not understanding. Can you tell how u can Deal with the ATC from the beginning of the flight or provide some link maybe. Will help a lot

I even saw some videos about violations. And i not even have started to fly as i am scared of violations as i am a complete beginner. I dont even know how to play multiplayer properly pls help someone.☹️

As stated before, read the Flying Guide. It will give you all the information you need for communicating with ATC and other helpful information.

Once you finish reading a section, scroll all the way down and click on the next topic.

In the Pilot Rulebook, it will give you all you need to know about violations. This will be very important once you have learned enough to be in the Expert Server. But don’t stress now! Casual servers is violation free and you will be able to train without worry how to handle an aircraft. Training server is where you will learn how to deal with ATC better. The guides will help you through the process.

Just to add to what others said: don’t expect this to be something you learn in a few minutes. It’ll be a good few months usually before you are truly confident. But no one knows what they’re doing at the start either.

Oh, i see! Well thanks! Gotta start it from now!

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