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Did the 1 year subscription option go away


Yes, the one year subscription has been removed. Please read these posts below from Cameron for more detail:

Hope this provides some clarity and assists you mate.

Take care!


Understood, Thanks!

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No worries. Glad I could help!

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That’s kind of a scam to get more money can’t lie but it’s worth paying the money for it

I wouldn’t call it a scam, it is temporary unavailable for the time being.

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It is actually available in the App Store after initially purchasing a month’s subscription. If you go to your account in the App store, and then manage subscriptions, it should give you the option. IDK about android tho

So the yearly subscription option will be in the App Store. But, I need to purchase the monthly one first?

Yes, that is what showed for me. It also gives the 6 month option. I didnt actually try clicking on them, but from what I heard, it works. There may be another way to immediately gain access to that subscription page that I do not know about

Alright Thanks!

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