Infinite Flight Pro

Hey Infinite Flight Community!
I am going to get IF Pro to reward myself (lol) after CA State Testing ends. Is Pro worth it? How much storage does y’all infinite flight take? I’m going to do short haul flights, btw!


It’s 100% worth it


Every aircraft in the game

Atc + Global Flying

Access to all airports

Discord server

And much more


Its not free 😔


I know, I have the 10 buck. How much space does it take

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Tbh. Idk 🤷‍♂️… I have an iPad Pro with lots of space so that’s not an issue for me

Infinite flight takes up about 12GB of space on my device (I have lots of replay files 😅)

You can delete them

1stly its worth it to have such a sim “you won’t regrett”"By me its about the ram of the phone mostly 4gig ram now is a big sluggish i use Samsung note9 6gig ram but i feel like sooner or later i need to upgrade to 8gig ram phone or more…

It depends a bit on you, it shouldn’t be that much around 8 maybe 10ish GB. But you can always choose to delete your replay files in order to free up space. But all in all, I would just say, go get it! It’s worth it. :) Hope to see you soon in the skies sir!

it all depends how much u play. My infinite flight storage takes about 10GB. That’s because of all the planes that are downloaded whether ur playing with that plane or when playing multiplayer. It all depends really in which places you’ll fly and which plane you’ll use.

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Mine takes up 16GB

It’s worth a try for less than the cost of a movie ticket, a Netflix subscription, or dinner for 2 at McDonald’s. Of course… I may be biased.


💯% worth it.

Are you from Texas?

You should absolutely get it as this is the best simulator out there… I am a pro subscriber since last 10 months or so and just can’t let it go … To add over all this the community is awesome

Nope, I am not

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Off topic but what are you getting at McDonald’s? Order off the 1-3$ menu and it’s not.

Infinite flight on my IPhone SE 2020
Takes 20GB but that’s nothing because when I have many replay files I delete the game and installing it again so I clear the 20GB

Oh I don’t eat at McDonalds (eww). And we don’t have a dollar menu in Canada AFAIK.


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