Infinite flight pro

Today when I tried to fly I saw that I have to purchase the infinite flight pro thing. I thought I did purchase 1 month before. Pls help

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Is it possible that you purchased the one-month subscription and it ran out?

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When did you last purchase your Infinite Flight Pro subscription? Are you talking about your purchase for the app itself or the actual subscription? If you purchased the one month subscription, it may have expired.

bruh I purchased 1 month last year and it didn’t even expire

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand. The one-month subscription will last for just that - one month. Are you sure you didn’t purchase the one-year subscription, and that has expired?

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yup I 1000000% sure I purchased 1 month

If you’re being prompted to repurchase it, and you’re confident it’s not expired yet, try the steps listed in the below post.


Hmmm thx I will try that.

To tack on: if Jarrett’s advice linked by Toaster doesn’t work, it’s likely that the sub. has expired. Do you remember when you purchased your one-month subscription?

I think it was june of 2020

So, you purchased the one-year subscription? Or multiple one-month subscriptions?

I’m sorry, but a one month subscription ends on the same date of the next month. In this case, if you bought a month-long subscription in June of 2020, it would’ve ended in July 2020. If you purchased the year-long subscription, it should end in June of this year. If you haven’t cancelled your month-long subscription, you should still have access to IF Pro, as you should still be charged every month.

Bruh I do not want to lose my acc with 700 flight time and 175 landings. OMG I’m so frustrating I will lose my acc

You can renew your subscription on the same account, which will save your stats. Just be sure to use the correct Apple ID or Google Play Account.

If your existing subscription should still be working, do the following steps work by any chance?

  • Tap “Get Pro”
  • Tap “I already have an account”
  • Tap “Restore to default account”

What does restore default account mean

I believe after tapping “restore to default account”, you should regain access to your active subscription. Could you try and let us know if it works?

Edit: These steps may not work if you don’t have an active subscription

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