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Why does Infinite Flight Pro only support Facebook or Google login? What happens if I get locked out of Facebook or Google due to suspicious activity on the account and trigger phone verification requests and I don’t have a cell phone?

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So you’re asking why you need google or facebook to log in with IF Pro? Well unfortunately these are the only two methods of logging in to your IF Live account. Perhaps they can add other methods of logging into your account in the future, thanks!


If you ever have an issue with you account, Mark / Tyler can switch your information for you. So honestly, there is no real risk of losing whatever progress you might have on live.

Adding onto @Reedgreat if you ever suspect that your account and information has been stolen it is a good Idea to email with…

•Device Being Used
•Proof Of Purchase/Receipt
•Display Name & Callsign

Email them as they tend to not like sharing very sensitive information on the community but rather in their support email.

As long as you watch out and dont get your info stolen, you will never have to take any of these steps :).

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Normally you need a phone to set up 2-step verification as you are describing. As @Reedgreat said, you can contact Mark or Tyler, but you will probably want the “suspicious activity” resolved as well.