Infinite Flight PRO (worth it?)

Hi there, i was wondering if when you get infinite flight pro, do you keep the all the aircraft even after your subscription or do you only have them during the subscription?

When your subscription runs out, you do not get access to all the planes. You only get access to a few such as A380, 747,A321 and a fighter jet. If you are then too renew your subscription, you will gain the other aircrafts back

So to answer your question, you do not keep the aircrafts after your subscription runs out.

Hope this helps :)



If your subscription runs out, you will have all the aircraft that you have now, just without the Pro ones. If you previously purchased an aircraft or region, you will keep those when your subscription ends.


Definitely worth it!!


Agreed. (=

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It is definitely worth it. You get to fly with amazing scenery, your friends (or make friends), do ATC and control other aircraft and most importantly, it helps get you off your phone for a number of hours!

If you think that the price is quite expensive… think about it this way. It costs (In Australia, other currencies with differ) $120 a year. That is about 30c a day! In a week, it’s just about $2.20, that’s way less than public transport or your morning coffee!


Global mode, planes, Flight experience.
All the best (:

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Infinite Flight Pro is 100% worth it.

When I first got the monthly subscription a few months ago, I got hooked. I didn’t realize how long I was paying for monthly, until this month when I switched to yearly.

If you KNOW you’re gonna get hooked to it, I recommend getting the yearly subscription. You save $40 compared to paying monthly for 12 months!

Why should you get global?
You get access to the highest quality aircraft on mobile!
You also get:

  • HD Scenery
  • Global
  • All Aircraft

So, if I were you, I would go ahead and get global.

If you’re not sure if you’ll like or not, I recommend getting monthly first, then base your opinions off of that!



I recommend you buy it when 19.1 comes out. ;)

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Yes definitely worth it. I’ve used it for over a year and the multiplayer aspect of it is sooo fun. Having the entire world and all aircraft to fly in is also amazing. You will also be able to access all features in updates. Try it for a month first, that $10 will go a long way.

Worth every pence! 10 times! Go for it, definitely.

It is definitely worth it. Get your IF PRO now! You can try it with monthly subscription, you can cancel it anytime.

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The question about the aircraft’s you get and keep is answered above.

Whether something is worth spending money on mostly depends on how often you use it. You don’t spend money on a nice suit when you’re never going to wear one. Nor do you spend money on a dive watch when you enjoy playing basketball.

And it’s the same with spending serious money on something like an Infinite Flight Pro subscription. When you enjoy global live flight and have the ability to spend serious time on flying then yes, it’s defence worth it; you get a lot for your money. But if your life is busy with school, sports, social life and a job, and you only have a few hours a month time to spend on your sim flying hobby, then I suggest you keep your money and spend it on something else.

And to find out if you like it, and can make the time, get a one month subscription first, like Jakub suggested. If you do that, and you’re not sure you want to renew the next month, make sure you switch off the auto-renew in your app store.

My 2 cents…


Thanks a lot guys, i am only 14 and i have to use my pocket money for this and that is why i asked, i will think about over the next few days!

Thanks again everyone!

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Hey again,

I am unfortunately not able to get the PRO version as my parents think its too much money so thats sad, but thank you everybody for the help!

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