Infinite Flight Pro Subscription free

Have any one thought of infinite flight pro subscriptions would be free


First of all, welcome to the IFC.

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Now, regarding your question:

Of course you could offer the subscription for free, absolutely. However, this would a) contradict the principle of a pro subscription and b) lead to absolutely no new features being released in the future and c) Infinite Flight not working at all after a short time.

For Infinite Flight to work it needs server power. This costs money. So that the server knows what to do, it needs developers. And they must be able to pay their bills too. At the same time they have to invest time and technology to release new features and keep everything up to date. With the pro subscription we pay not only for the game. We enable the developers to run the simulator at all and allow them to invest in the simulator. Unfortunately, this does not work completely without costs.

Same principle with an amusement park: Of course they could let you in for free, sure thing. But how are they supposed to pay for the rides, the maintenance and their employees? It doesn’t work that way I’m afraid.

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