Infinite flight pro subscribtion

Hi friends , please do you suggest me to buy infinite flight pro ?
Because Iam looking for its price (more expensive) 1month 10$ = 3.700BHD (Bahraini Dinars) For my country. So do you prefer me?

Thanks to all.

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I think you’ll have a really hard time finding anyone in here that won’t recommend you to get a Pro subscription. You get all the aircraft, the entire world to fly in, and most of the times nice people to fly with!

Just do it! :)


Honestly, IF made me broke

Ok, I will try it for 1 month and hope it will good thing. Thank you for reply.


Also, don’t forget to watch ATC tutorials on YouTube by Mark & Tyler and also read some in the #tutorials if you are new to the live servers :)

You won’t be let down man I resubscribe every month. And fly everyday it’s awesome

Ok I will subscribe . Thanks to all.

Why do you get it every month its cheaper to get a year.

Go for it! So worth the money for what you get, all Aircraft, THE WHOLE WORLD TO FLY IN, and thousands of other players flying along side you, it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Make sure you check out these Tutorials for more information on Piloting in Live!

Here’s some Information on Violations…


I’ve done exactly what you’re going to do - paid for a month to see if I like it or not, and I love it. As others have said, flying the whole world, all of the aircraft , ATC etc.

Just a shame for my bank balance when this month runs out!

I suggest you getting the one year $79.99 subscription because it’s the best deal and you don’t have to worry about your subscription expiring for a year ;)

I will try it for a month and if it will good I will buy it monthly ( not all months ) because I have some exams and I will travel in summer for 3 months and I dont have internet plan when I travel.

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Try it out, you won’t regret it! It’s worth the money because you get all the aircraft and regions, fly globally, and fly multiplayer, it’s truly a great experience.

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