Infinite flight pro (sub)

My infinite flight is asking me to upgrade but I already have a valid subscription and I’m able to log onto global and fly so why is it asking me to upgrade? Is there a higher subscription level and what extra do you get?

You should be able to click you already have a subscription, and log in.

I have had this issue before, I just closed the app and restarted the device and everything was fine. Also you can click on ‘I already have a subscription’ as Brandon said. Good luck!

No that’s the thing, i CAN log in and fly global but when i click my account says i have an infinite flight pro (sub) but still offers me the option to upgrade? Upgrade to what??

Oh I think that’s just how it is I got that all thru beta as well.

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Err, you don’t have to buy a new sub if you already have one, your current subscription isn’t the longest one so it will ask you to upgrade, you don’t have to upgrade…

I think it’s called a little something called ‘In-App Advertisement’

This is what i mean. Like i say, i CAN log in and fly global no problem but it still offers me to upgrade and I’m just wondering is their a higher level of subscription or something? I’m still using my subscription from the old app.

Its just like that, there is no higher level of subscription. The highest is 12 months which is what you have currently, Everyone has it like that. This really isn’t a support issue…

Yeah but when i actually clicked upgrade, it said “starting on October 15th” despite the fact my current subscription runs out next March.

I’m only asking if there’s a higher level of subscription that I’m not aware of as it seems strange that it’s offering me an upgrade on my account when i already have a subscription since March this year

Nope, you have the highest subscription option.

The cost of each option is as follows (US prices):

1 month: $9.99
6 month: $49.99 ($9.95 savings)
12 month: $79.99 ($39.89 savings)

Here are the different subscriptions, if you already had a subscription before the release of Global that is still ongoing you won’t have to buy a new one until that ceases, this will give you access to Global.

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no i didn’t upgrade i am still using my old subcsribtion and everything is like if i purchased it when global came out

Thanks for the help Maksim! But what I think he is asking is why does he have the upgrade option even after he has a valid subscription? Everyone has an upgrade option even if they have an active subscription seeing as I have it there too and my Subscription doesn’t cease until April of next year.

Yes, everyone will have an Upgrade option, this is not an issue and is normal.

I had a question. How do you cancel monthly subscription so that it doesn’t;t charge you for every month?

You click on your profile in the App Store, then go subscriptions then press IF and there should be an option to cancel it. That’s if your on an IOS device, Android, I don’t really know.


Ah ok. Thanks a lot jdag2004


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