Infinite flight Pro rules question

I heard infinite flight Pro follows international law formats very strictly such as FAA, ICAO etc. I have never tried Pro before and I’m considering trying it soon. My question is, since that I am a newcomer to Pro, I have absolutely no idea about the rule formats, and I have zero experience with communicating with air and ground controllers. Therefore once I purchase Pro I’ll get banned or whatever on my first flight since I broke some rules that may be serious offenses?

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You will get the hang of it with practice and time. In the meantime, try watching some of these tutorials about flying and using ATC

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Okay, first of all, it is not that scary!

There are three servers - Casual, Training and Expert.

Casual is for doing anything, no rules enforced.

Training is for, well, training. There are rules enforced, like You can get speed violations. You will not get banned, just recieve a violation. Can still fly in both training and casual.

Expert is restricted to grade 3 pilots. You need to get XP, flight hours, landings, etc. to get there. There rules are very strict. Rules there are enforced, special ATC are there (You can try controlling in training, however expert has special controllers from the IFATC.) - they can ghost You if You do not follow the rules.

Don’t worry. You can always fly in Casual. Please, do not become one of many trolls in the training/expert servers, that just disregard and ruin the experience. If You need more help, use #tutorials, search for specific topics for Approach, Departure, etc. Feel free to ask me, a moderator or anyone else in the community on what to do.

Do not worry. We’re a friendly community and here to help. Pro subscription is DEFINETLY worth it! Just have fun unless you want to do acrobatics above an airport, use high speeds, etc. Do that in casual and You’re alright.!

Welcome to the forums and I hope to see You in the skies!

Editing once again, to answer Your question - no, You will not get banned. Even when You reach grade 3 and get ghosted or get a violation in Training, they ware off. Start in casual, work Your way up with the tutorials.


It’s great to see a newcomer asking for questions and be on the forum! Because 90% of the other new people just don’t care.


Yes exactly! That’s why I’m for mandatory linking Your IF account to an IFC account.


Well, rules vary from region to region, so clearly they can’t all be followed.

You don’t need to memorize the FAA handbook. Watching the tutorials should give you plenty to go on, the rest, just kind of feel out as you go along.

The most important baseline is just awareness of other traffic.

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Its always a learning curve when you’re introduced to something new. I have to be honest, back when i first got infinite flight a couple of years ago, i racked up 100 violations due to simple mistakes.

Oh and the best thing is, when you get to grade 3 and fly on the expert server, all you have to do is follow what the IFATC instruct you to do which is amazing.

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Thank you all for the thoughtful and informative replies! I’ll be trying out Pro soon…


Yes I think to access the Expert Server you need to have an IFC account as part of the requirements

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What is so cool is that you joined this forum before purchasing the Pro subscription. This put you miles ahead of many other pilots who are flying on Expert (!) Server without ever reading any of the tutorials. You’re doing good!

You can learn how to control an aircraft without a Pro subscription.
If you know how to taxi, takeoff, land, you’re good to go enjoy a Live game-play environment, which is one of the coolest features of IF.

As mentioned above by @Ignas04 , start on Casual server. You will not get banned there, nor will you get any violotations. While you’re enjoying Casual Server and your building up your flying hours, landing count, XP points, etc, make sure you watch the Pilot training videos on YouTube. In addition check out the #tutorials sectionon this forum. You’ll learn a lot.

We have a number of Grades in Live play. Grades are depending on things like flying hours, landing count, violations and more. When you reach Grade 2, you can fly in Training Server. Here you get two new things: ATCs and Violations. Watch the tutorials mentioned above to learn how to work with the Air Traffic Controllers on Training Server.

About violations
On Training and on Expert server we have a thing called violations. A violation is a penalty for braking aviation rules, it’s generated by the IF system. A violation can drop your Grade, depending on a number of factors.

The IF system will give violations for:

  • taxiing faster then 35 knots
  • flying faster then 250 kts while under 10,000 feet.
  • doing acrobatic flying moves near an airport
  • breaking you aircraft’s speed limit

So don’t get violoations. Pay attention, stay focused and you won’t get them. Your violation counter can only go up. It never goes down (violations do not expire). But the effect of a violation, expires after 7 days.

Most people get violations while they were not with the mobile device during a long flight. So here’s a tip for ya: stay with your flight, until you have reached cruise altitude

Reports / ghosts
When you get reported (or ghosted) you basically get thrown out of the Live session for the remainder of your flight. You won’t see any other aircrafts, and others can’t see you,
You get ghosted by the system for building 5 violations during a single flight. But…we just agreed you were going to focus, so you won’t get violations.
You can also be ghosted on Expert Server by the ATC for not following instructions or braking the rules. ATC on Training Server cannot ghost you; but you would still follow their instruction, of course.

A report can drop your Grade. It expires after 7 days.
It gets different if you get reported many times, but I have a feeling this will be a great pilot.

So in conclusion:

  • focus, and you won’t get violations
  • know and follow the rules, and you won’t get ghosted
  • be nice and friendly, and you won’t get banned.

Hope this helps.
Any questions, search this forum. It has a lot of info.
We’re here to help each other.


Hey mate,
Please have a look at the tutorials before starting your flight (If you don’t want any violations).

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