Infinite Flight Pro Overpriced?

Infinite flight pro is a bit overpriced in my opinion. A 12 months subscription is $79.99, which is more nearly twice as expensive as a Prepar3d Academic License, and 36 months of subscription means that the amount you pay for Infinite Flight Pro is greater than a Professional License in Prepar3d.

P.S I am not sure where this topic should be categorized as live or not, tell me if I’m wrong.

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Basically, server upkeep, satellite imagery, and development isn’t cheap. There are many more devs working behind the scenes than we see.


Then how can P3d be cheaper than IF Pro

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Because P3D runs on a computer, which has a HUGE advantage in terms of processing power, RAM, and graphics than your phone or tablet. It’s not easy to keep up all of this stuff unless you can get the proper money for it. (Hence why there is a subscription.)


Well P3d has way more developers than IF.

FDS is a smaller company than the developers of P3D. Henice the lesser number of devs working on IF


How do you know? And like I said, it’s because of better performance on a computer that IF has a disadvantage on. Not developers.

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This have been discussed multiple times in multiple topics. All the answers are there.

Prepared also doesn’t care what computer you use - you have to get one that’s good enough. We are obligated to support a very wide variety of mobile devices; some of which don’t have a lot of processing power.