Infinite Flight Pro on iOS/Android at the same time?

Hello IFC! As school has now started and I am using a laptop more often than my phone, I decided to use IF thru BlueStacks during study halls or such. However, I was wondering if I could be signed in, not active on both devices. What I mean is that I am signed in on the Android emulator (BlueStacks), and on the iPhone 7 (iOS 13.1 dev beta, if that helps), but not using both at the same time.

I don’t want to transfer my sub to android, just use it on both OSs

I think you can!

You can sign in with google.

Just make sure to not use two devices to fly at the same time ;)

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If I understand correctly, the sub will still be billed thru iOS, my primary OS?

I believe so, yes.

I’d still wait for a member of staff to reply because I might be wrong.


Thats what I was planning on doing :) Thank you!


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What @BravoCharlie said is correct :)