Infinite flight pro buttons show error instead of the price

I’m trying to get infinite flight pro but the buttons that show the price say error instead. When I click it infinite flight crashes. I’m on a Ipad Mini 4 and I have updated everything so I shouldn’t be outdated. Please help me.

Hello and Welcome to the Community!

Could you provide a screenshot of what you are seeing? Thanks!


  • Do you know if you have any restrictions enabled on your device that would prevent you from making in-app purchases or anything related?

  • To check:
    Head over to Settings on your iOS device,
    Then navigate to “Screen time” —> Content & Privacy restrictions —> iTunes & App Store purchases.

Do you have any restrictions on your device? It happened to me before and it was because I didn’t have the appstore on. (It was turned off in the settings). And also, make sure that your in-app purchases are also turned on.

Is your simulator version the original?

Hi there, Could you do a simple reinstall to see if that will fix it.

Hey there and welcome to the community! Did you check that airplane mode is turned OFF and you are connected to Wifi?

Hi there, welcome to the community!
This normally happens when you are not connected to an Internet/wi-fi. Make sure that airplane mode is turned off, and that you’re connected to the internet. If none of these work, please reset your wifi router, and you should be good. Hope this helps.

I know exactly what your talking about. That happened to me but I discovered that because of my restrictions with my iPad(because apple added screen time). So if you or your parents(depending in your age) have The restriction set that is what it will say. That’s what happened to me. They have to allow purchases and installing apps.

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