“Infinite Flight” Printed on side of Livery

Hi Guys! An small request here! I am requesting that Infinite Flight should be printed on the side of their livery!

Here is an example

From my own point of view, that would detach IF immersivities from realism.

But I’d vote for this in the future though, when every flightsim would be merged into one big cross-universe from a single world provider (but even for that the logo shouldn’t stand out as much) :)


Makes it look ugly. I prefer it without text.


If they could do the text right (no offense but the text layout you edited didn’t loom the best) then I’d support this. It’s not to terrible without the text though.

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Yea I’m not good at editing at all, I’m looking for someone that can do it good for me

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w/o the IF logo its looks reminiscent of a rebranded UPS plane


I think you all should calm down. @ItsBlitz showed us his opinion and you guys should listen to it. I get you may not like it but you should at least understand his opinion.


I may have been a bit blunt but I’m quite calm.


I think the no letter board livery looks the best. Also makes it so I can use the IF livery to make the A350 a Airbus Corporate Jet (ACJ).


I was thinking maybe we could have 2 liveries where it’s this one and one with no words, definitely change the font because I have none that are good. When i’m flying I don’t like the white space with no letters and words.