Infinite Flight Police Patrol

Not sure where this would go but i thought of this idea while seeing PG pilots complaints.How this would work is we flying in a squadron of 3 or more at the least.This being done cause it takes 3 people to report and ghost someone.Basically we would fly around PG and clean up the server by reporting bad pilots and getting rid of them.(for people saying you might report someone for no reason remember it takes 3 people to make this happen if 1 of 3 decide its not a good reason to report them it doesn’t work and we move on

If you would like to join make a discord account and join this


This was already suggested a while ago.

never saw it anywhere i looked it up

Great idea :)

He you go. It’s very similar anyways. Not sure if it ever took off but all the best if you can make some positive changes.

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The piolets are back!


yeah but IFM is kinda its own thing you know what i mean this will be a kinda more just focused on cleaning up PG while they are kinda trying to teach them for example how they said they would make there callsign not a taxi way if they were on a service road we would just report them i guess you could call us a more strict version thanks for bringing it up though i would love to work with them

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its kinda old so i might as well make a new and constantly running one cause we see to many problems with PG these days coudlnt help to have more than one patrol cleaning up the servers

@ChiefPilotLachy that’s the old topic, look for the new one :)

This is a great idea! I would love to join. :)

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Yes we need good piolet to block bad piolets. Bad piolets must be stopped by chasing and crashing into them.



I know it is, as above I said someone tried it a while ago and it never really took off. :)

I would like this and I would definitely join

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join this

This is just like IFM, read the new post:

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@g100m this is exactly the what the IFM does, if you are interested feel free to join!

It is different if you think about it they guard events and do weekly patrols we do patrols more often and there main focus from what i saw is guarding PG events if the people from IFM wanna do shared patrols i would love too

Discussed before and things like this already exist.