Infinite flight please consider

I’ve been thinking about places I would like to fly in infinite flight. I noticed that one severely neglected regions in IF is central Asia. IFATC never goes there, and to be honest, I see why. The only central Asian airline in IF is Turkmenistan airline’s 772LR. I haven’t even seen a single person flying to or from a central Asian country. It would be great if IF considered adding liveries. For example, Air Astana, Uzbekistan Airlines, Somon Air, etc.

IFATC are in parts of Asia today! Why not fly there!

this is a very small part, we dont get scotland much but thats life!

See you in the skies!
Cign :D

please don’t take anything I say out of proportion just my opinion!

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While I agree that Central Asia is rarely featured, I must say that airports in Asia are often featured.
For example, on today’s schedule, the following airports are featured: Kuala Lumpur (WMKK), Bangkok (VTBS), Singapore (WSSS), Guangzhou (ZGGG), Denpasar (WADD), Jakarta (WIII), Kota (WBKK), Hong Kong (VHHH).

If you’d like to request for a livery, check out #features, it may already be there :)

I’m already headed to Bangkok from Moscow! Actually, central asia is very large. It’s almost the entire size of south east asia!

that is ofc my geography skills but as said by @TheAviationGallery many liveries that fly in this region are not in the sim right now… consider looking in #features!

Those airports are frequently featured. I’m saying that sometimes it can feel repetitive.

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Already looked in #features :) I wouldn’t agree that the planes aren’t there. Most of these airlines operate the a320 and b737. There wouldn’t be any need to add a new plane

@JackieChan I believe that IFATC does a good job trying to get to most of the locations in the world but you have to remember that there arnt 1000 people controlling they are still limited with members. They post specific areas so that they can please as many people as possible but as you all know you cant please everyone and it would be hard for the staff to change and rearrange the schedule.

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this is my opinion and how believe that it would be

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That’s the way it is I’m afraid. The schedule is based around where people want to fly. Uzbekistan won’t be featured as much as the U.S , simply because there won’t be enough traffic to justify putting that region on the schedule. If the development decides to add more liveries from Central Asia, I’m sure we will see it be featured more often. Until then, we’ve got to be patient :)

Yep we will have to wait. I’m hoping that we see more traffic there!

im talking about liveries, (mistype)…

Yes, I agree that IFACT choose airports that many people would like to fly to. But I’m just saying that it would be nice if more liveries were added.

This is because of the amount of connections/flights the particular airport have. In Central Asia, there is not enough flights into Central Asia to cater to the traffic. If a Airport such as WSSS and another airport in Central Asia is featured, people would most likely choose WSSS over Central Asia.

Ok then I would make a #features and then if the community agrees they would add it but you have seen how hard it it is to even get votes on Southwest special liveries so pick the ones you want wisely

Blake from USA_ATC

Yeah that’s true, I want the IF community to try something new :)

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I remember once IF did Astana in Kazakhstan for one of the regions but that was a good 5-6 months ago and lots of times in Uzbekistan and Russia. So there are a lot of times IF did it in Central Asia.

Russia and Nepal are not in central asia :)

Russia is only a small part of it, google it

I use MediBang and put on custom liveries. Therefore it satisfies me when I fly liveries that aren’t in the game. Example:

It’s a great way to fly to different parts of the world and also fly realistically.

I would be cool if they could also add an afghan airline.
Ariana Afghan Airline(biggest airline)
Safi aiways
Kam air