Infinite Flight plane bot and ATC bot

Plane bot:
I think it will help the player to have more realistic experience. The airport will be more realistic!!!

ATC bot: Help the IFATC to control the airport in a very busy traffic. And if the ATC is closed, the bot can control the airport unless another controller control back the airport. So the feature airport won’t be no ATC controlling.

Do you think it is cool?

ATC bot for controllers will only cause mess as they wont know which request was answered or not. As plane there is unicom already, if an “ATC bot” would be introduced, then what’s the point of having real people controlling (IFATC).


So plane bot?

What’s the point of having a plane flown by a bot?

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Umm it can make the airport more busier

So the airport won’t be lone

Got your point. However, this is very difficult to code and implement, and it can be very useless as you are playing in a multiplayer server, where many people play along with you and bots can be annoying. Another story can be in solo mode.

Yes OK

But why RFS has one?

Because it’s a different simulator with less people than Infinite Flight.
By the way I suggest to make 2 separate requests as they are 2 separate things.

OK thanks for your remind

Decent concept but unfortunately it will not be practical to implement, and it will definitely not appear in multiplayer to say at least because it may disrupt the traffic.