Infinite flight pilots union

Infinite Flight Pilots union is a union for active users who have live on Infinite flight. This is a alternative page for any live Infinite flight users who would like to express ideas and concerns to help improve the flying experience aswell promont good conduct and rule following . We as a group will try to promote serious matters, and bring it to the attention of the whole Infinite Community to bring about change. I know the forum page and Facebook page do a lot of this aswell and take that into consideration. This just something for for users to quickly post or share something. Later on we will add group flights, meetings and more. Just depends on how many members we get. We would also like to help those trying to find more information about infinite flight and direct them to the right places and people. We would also like to work out logistic and organization issues. If anyone has any ideas feel to ask or post. Everyone is welcome!!

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Interesting concept. Some of us are not users of FB, nor do we/I intend to start FB

What would you think about a website or some other use
I do totally don’t blame for not wanting to use Facebook

Interesting. Pretty cool to see you guys come up with such immersive activities like this. πŸ˜€