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Pictures Media 📸 welcomes you to the
2016 Infinite Flight Second Annual Olympic Games News Coverage which will begin several days before the Olympics begin! It will be our job to bring to you the most excellent, the most breathtaking, and the most…we’ll let our motto tell you!
MOTTO: “Excellent Pictures Deserves Excellent Preformance” And that is exactly what you will get from IFPM (Infinite Flight Pictures Media)
Releases made by team captains of the nations, Olympic organizers, and other media attention will also be displayed here or in the official IFOC staff (Infinite Flight Olympics community)
IFPM is developing a podcast run by our host @g100m with appearances from team captains, media icons, and Olympic personal.
Also upcoming is the official Infinite Flight Pictures Media Website where you can get information on upcoming events IFPM will be shooting at during the IFPC, or events prior to the Olympics that will be supported by IFPM, new podcast episodes (possibly), special announcements, employee award benefits and ceremonies, special flights, and Youtbe content released by our two brilliant YouTubers @Zachary_Meir_Tish and @Oli_H
Pictures Media
Go ahead and click on this link for a shot into a wonderful world of media! Need VA Services? We have you there! Want to watch amazing landings without landing gear? Nailed that one ;)! Want exsquisite photos that show off the beauty of your event? No need to look any farther.


You are running the Photo Group
I am running the Video Group

Sound right?

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Sounds good my friend. And yes sorry to clear that up this is for IOS users mostly who can’t video and can take screenshots.


Yes sir and you are in charge of it ;)


No, the meme group, then the GIF group!


I will be covering events I can with my limited Live but I expect all users not involved to share PICTURES of the teams competing! My display name during these events (that I can attend) will be PPP Olympics or (Private Person Paparatzi).
If you would like to join up as a staff member go ahead and pm me otherwise just take to the skies via free cam and submit your photos here #GOIFOLYMPICS

I will be posting photos of each teams practices if I can seal the interviews with the team captain as. Keep an eye on this thread for photos of your favorite country

With my expertise in Photography, I think I might join the media.


Pictures Media brings you the first statement released by Secretary @hmkane

IFO Official Camera Team Statement
0045Z August 16, 2016
PlanesForLife can now be interviewed. Please PM him for an interview, but be patient. We will try not to interfere with events, and we’ll have our own parking spots. PlanesForLife will not be working with Papartizi as of now, but that decision could change. Harrison will work with Papartizi to the best of his abilities, but it can’t be guaranteed that you’ll get all you questions answered. At this moment we have 11 members and will continue to gain members until reaching 20 members. Our method of communication between members of the camera crew will be Slack.


In a recent statement today Netherlands 🇳🇱 Team Captain @Ian_Rodriguez released this statement to the media.

I definitely think my team has what it takes to compete, make an impact, and take home gold. I already know that we won’t have the numbers that some teams like the United States (which are the obvious favorites) will have. However, we have the quality. We have some of the best pilots in infinite flight, including myself, and as captain I fully intend on leading this team to some beautiful gold medals. I will be searching for people’s specialties and exploiting those specialties. Hoping to have one specialist per event, definitely having one participant per event. It won’t be easy, it never is when you’re in the company that we are in but I firmly believe that we have a shot at winning gold and taking home a lot of medals. I’m confident that despite the fact that we won’t be having the quantity of some teams, we do trump other teams in quality. At the end of the day, the bigger teams will have a better chance of taking home gold statistically, fully due to the laws of probability. But I’ll let you know now that team the Netherlands will come hard charging and do anything we can to defy the laws of probability and take home the gold. As always, winning is achieved by hard work so I intend to implement a rigorous training schedule for my team. Luckily, the main airline of the Netherlands is KLM so we will have a large fleet of planes to fly. I also intend on using Transavia, dutchbird, and tui planes to fill the gaps. So to answer your question, yes, I am extremely confident that my team not only has what it takes to compete, but that my team has what it takes to excel, dominate, and take home the gold. And that is something I can guarantee to you.

-Ian Rodriguez


That should be a quote for anyone who thinks small teams aren’t good. it’s not about the numbers but the quality.


Well said!!


This statement was released to the media by Croatia 🇭🇷 Captain @Delta_Virtual:


We are a strong team with people who have played IF for years now.
Yes the bigger nations have more people and can take home more medals than us. But in the long run I have looked in to the bigger teams, many of their people barley meet the requirements to compete, others have only been flying for a few months or so, so I’m not worried. It wil be with a lot of practice and effort that we can take home some medals. It will be hard to compete against veteran teams like the US, Germany, and Canada.

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Team El Salvador’s Leader will be training soon at around 7:30-8:00pm EST USA. Due to absence of a team member, only the leader will be training at the moment.
-Statement from Team leader Daniel Cerritos
[Team El Salvador 🇸🇻.]



Pictures Media📸 now has its own Slack group set up. If you are still interested please pm me or another of my staff and we shall get you in.

Slack is only to be used for business
Racism, inappropriate comments, or anything deemed offensive will not be tolerated

Please join up as the Olympics are going to be a massive event here in IF and we would like all the coverage of it we can get. Also keep an eye for new released statements by team captain!
Pictures Media📸 thanks you for listening, have a great day

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Here today is a statement released to the media regarding Team Indonesia’s chances at winning gold! Please be advised that Pictures Media📸 does not in any way endorse or combat a Captain’s views.

Released Statement

i highly trust my team, some of my Indonesians are more professional than Tyler Shelton and no i dont see Canada or GB as a threat. Now what I mean is not me entire team but one or two are indeed better then Tyler. The only team in my mind big enough to challenge us is USA only because they are obviously the favorite.
We will get gold that’s not a question of if but when! Thank you no more questions.


New Training session soon. Media is accepted. Starting at 1:30pm EST USA


Team Germany has publicly released this statement.

Interview Statement:
Our team has the potential to win. Last year were the Swiss, the favorites for me. The USA, I think will be the favorites this year. In each team are good and well-known pilots who are in the community for a long time. Everybody gets his chance. The greatest challenge, in addition to the disciplines, to have the team fully available. This is the most difficult. The event itself is a great thing, that is something that makes a community. Our team is with joy here, and looking forward to the events. In the coming weeks we will work together to find the best practice extract for our team. Other teams are already practicing diligently on. Team Germany is slowly but surely! We wish all teams good luck and have fun at the events! And a special thanks to Thomas Galvin for the great idea and his team thanks for the organization!


A nice welcoming sight from the captain of Team Australia:

Good luck to all of the teams participating and hope everybody has a great and enjoyable time. ;)