Infinite Flight Pictures Media (Website Launch)

On behalf of the CEO of IFPM @SkyHighGuys and the official photographers of the Infinite Flight Olympics, I am here to announce a surprise for the whole community. So without further ado, IFPM Welcomes you to the launching of the Pictures Media’s Website.
Through tireless nights, aurdous days, times driven only by the desire to show you what we are capable of…we are happy to wipe the sweat away and show you the product!
Through the perseverance and diligence of myself and @Bluepanda900 , we are proud to invite you to the IFPM Kickoff Celebration, to be determined at a later date.
So…without further ado…I heave open the giant mahogany doors and welcome you into Infinite Flight Pictures Media

*Infinite Flight Pictures Media is not affiliated with Infinite Flight or Flying Development Studios in anyway


Amazing website!


As CEO of IFPM I look forward to your feedback! My two web designers slaved over this!! Please give back your feedback if you feel the urge! If you are a part of a VA I would recommend you get in touch with the heads of your VA’s so we can schedule the first time we will come out for you!! The sky is the limit as they say ;)
Please pm myself or any of the staff listed in the website for any reason! We are here to serve you and the forum! Have a blessed night. May the force be with you and may the odds ever be in your favor.

-Infinite.Flight (CEO of IFPM)

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It was won with hard diligence!

Great website! Any way I can join? 😉


Read the about tab, when you get to the bottom, you’ll see a join link.


Cool, thanks!


Everyone: Be sure to rate and comment! :)

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@SkyHighGuys like some I love your determination that you made a website. Hoping for the best with this ok hommie. Website is cool too.


Just go to the “About Us” scroll down and there you have it


Please feel free to drop feedback below. If you like what you see you can vote on our website poll [double tap news and scroll down till you find it]
You can also comment on the news page using our comment feature. IFPM is excited to share this experience with you. Please consider giving us feedback so we can make it better for you!!
If you would like to be a part of the IFPM Kickoff event please comment in the thread below.

Keep the feedback up!! Go ahead and click on that website if you haven’t already. We are here t observer you, the community!
So please help us by making your eyes appriactive of the beauty of our website ;)

~508 (CEO of IFPM)

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