Infinite Flight Picture Competition, The Results!

G’day all, so the long awaited results are here. My decision was extremely hard to choose, so below is my top five.

Place Contestant Feedback
1st @Anshul28 Just mind blowing, it’s absolutely stunning, love the editing you put into it and makes it look extremely realistic
2nd @Pilot_urp Just absolutely stunning, always love seeing a 777 edit, love the editing you have put into it.
3rd @ztoastednoodle Very simple yet very powerful, absolutely love the 777 banking over the Moon while climbing out during the day. So this just goes to show even without an edit a picture can be stunning, job well done.
4th @Brunoaviation Very nice shot of the British Airways A320 on final with one of the A320 cockpits in view, like the editing of the colours and the details are just awesome, well done.
5th @Air_Boss Love the Emirates livery as it’s just super simplistic and well genuinely nice, love the editing that has gone into it to make it pop, very well done.

Place Number of Votes Contestant Notes
1st 15 @Mavic Suspended, Disqualified
2nd 12 @Air_Boss 5th place on my top 5
3rd 8 @Nate_Schneller

Place Number of Votes Contestant Notes
4th 7 @Anshul28 Official winner if the first Infinite Flight Picture Competition
5th 6 @Pilot_urp Runner up in 2nd place
6th 6 @N801VP
7th 5 @TransportForLife
8th 5 @PilotDog
9th 4 @roostbrood
10th 4 @Capt.SkyWalker

Place Number of Votes Contestant Notes
11th 4 @Butter_Boi
12th 4 @Hexmont
13th 4 @Johanes
14th 4 @Gaby_Burnei
15th 3 @AlphaSeven
16th 3 @Kacey
17th 3 @Linox
18th 3 @Lucas_Piedra
19th 3 @Pilot_Waters
20th 3 @Lau_Andy

Place Number of Votes Contestant Notes
21st 2 @Josh_Tomaz
22nd 2 @Infinite_Qantas
23rd 2 @QVG-Crunch
24th 2 @Tep_NEMO
25th 2 @Etrain
26th 2 @ztoastednoodle 3rd place on my top 5
27th 2 @United_1154
28th 2 @Will_A
29th 2 @CR3W
30th 2 @Brunoaviation 4th place on my top 5
31st 2 @CapA
32nd 2 @Captain_Eke
33rd 2 @Asher
34th 2 @JOSH_Byrne
35th 2 @anon74260613
36th 2 @Helicopterzzz
37th 2 @CaptainBarney
38th 2 @AarkonTV
39th 2 @Mayank_Jolly
40th 2 @Golden_gamer75
41st 2 @John370
42nd 2 @Joeoreilly77
43rd 1 @Matt_Croatia001
44th 1 @Trio
45th 1 @Infinite_Flight_Sims
46th 1 @Jack_Q
47th 1 @Gtmkm98
48th 1 @Tsumia
49th 1 @Ben_W
50th 1 @rockpapernuke

Place Number of Votes Contestant Notes
51st 1 @Edoardo_C
52nd 1 @Cody_M
53rd 1 @Crcoli737
54th 1 @Haifan_Day
55th 1 @DeltaMD88Fan
56th 0 @Sashaz55
57th 0 @Aviation-21
58th 0 @Elefanths
59th 0 @BennyBoy_Alpha
60th 0 @Armani_B
61st 0 @anon57683537
62nd 0 @Jeremy351
63rd 0 @KennedyTurner
64th 0 @Lil_Qaz Suspended, Disqualified
65th 0 @Suhas
66th 0 @Gm2kmike20
67th 0 @ran
68th 0 @Dylan_M
69th 0 @Brucelee
70th 0 @alphabravo6
71st 0 @Gamer_100
72nd 0 @Altaria55
73rd 0 @Ur_Friendly_Approach
74th 0 @Helmethead
75th 0 @MaxedOut
76th 0 @anon45500775
77th 0 @DmitrI-G
78th 0 @NoahM
79th 0 @controlpointcardiff
80th 0 @Mr-plane-guy1
81st 0 @mralp
82nd 0 @JacksonAviation
83rd 0 @nsfw
84th 0 @TheFlyingGuy1
85th 0 @CaptainDinglehopper

I am very sorry if I have forgotten you, there were lots of submissions and somehow I ended up duplicating some submissions. I hope you enjoyed this competition. I hope to see you in the next one soon, I’m only gonna imagine it’s gonna be 10 times harder to decide.

Oh I almost forgot, @Anshul28 here’s your prize.



I have used some people’s pictures a backgrounds for the banners.


The picture of the prize is from this website


Well I think I could’ve done much better if I chose a different picture but thanks mate! It was really fun!


Thanks it was really cool @Qantas094 👍🏽😄 I had fun thanks again

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Great job! I hope you do this again!

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Looks like I am mate.

Oops forgot about that. 🤦‍♂️ 😂

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I really liked Mavic’s pic. Bad timing for him though!

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Congrats guys, Great work @Qantas094!


Well, that’s not what I was expecting. 😔

I’ll get a better picture next time.


So what was the point of voting if you got to choose the winner?


Yay, got 22nd!! So happy🥳
(Cause hey, it’s always better than last)

always be optimistic, even when life gets you down

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@Sashaz55 this is for you.

@Aceorbit, it’s to see what the public thinks, it’s so it’s fair for everyone.

Tbh, I was wondering that too. I expected the winners to be placed according to the votes received. But hey its fine, everyone did good!


im number 83, LETSSGOOO


Oh, and of course. @Anshul28, congratulations man. You’re just amazing with editing those screenshot🥳
Hope to see more of you in the future


Wow, I did not think I would make it to number 8, but congrats to all who participated on this competition!! This was fun and I hope to do more competitions like this.

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Did I miss the vote, I never even got to vote for myself. :(

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53rd place.


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Congrats @Anshul28!!!

I had no doubt you were gonna win anyway lol

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Thanks Everyone but I am slightly confused here. Wasn’t the winner going to be judged by the amount of votes they got?