Infinite Flight Picture Competition, Results Posted!

I’ll close the polls on 2020-02-21T21:00:00Z, this is to allow as many people as possible vote, I promise that next time it won’t be as messy as this one, I had expected events pop up and well life takes first priority.


Forgot to say this yesterday but voting has now officially closed, thanks to everyone that has voted, I’ll post the results next Sunday, I won’t have time this week as I’ll be on school camp. So if you you’re wondering where I am and haven’t responded to you just note I’m on camp, I’ll try and smuggle my phone in.


How did they get the moon and clouds? And how do the wings of the wings look like that?

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@Islanderpilot123 what picture are we talking about?


The clouds in this one.
The moon in this one.
And the terrain and wing in this look more realistic than IF. It looks great but I don’t know how they get/ do that.


@Islanderpilot123 here you go:

  • The clouds are from a photo editor (I don’t know which one though, PM and ask @Armani_B how he did it).

  • @DeerCrusher made an amazing moonshot tutorial for the one with the moon

  • And all 3 have lighting, saturation and color changes to help make them look more realistic.


Hey just checking in on when this whole thing is gonna happen. No rush just wondering?

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Yeah I got caught up with school. It’ll come in a few days.

I know, I really should have planned this better.


Tell me about it, I had 6 this week alone and I’m absolutely exhausted.


Sweet can’t wait thanks

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Any progress on the results yet mate?


@Qantas094 you have made many statements and even promises with this competition. I don’t mean to be a Debby downer, butt I think it’s time to throw in the towel. Ask the mods to close this. Try again another time when you are more up to the task and not so bogged down by life buddy. (Plus it will take this off your plate and allow you to be fully invested in school)


I have been getting caught up as the school term is 3 weeks away from ending and we get so many assignments. I’ll look at the results this afternoon and make a post on the top 20. I am deeply sorry for all the delays. To be honest. I feel kinda embarrassed about it but life’s life, you get things thrown at ya that you didn’t expect.


Do you know when the results will be up?


I made a post earlier saying it will be out in few hours but the power went out and couldn’t do it. I’ll write up the post in word tomorrow at school and post it once I get home. Plus I’ve been working on a big project that I hope to release soon, not saying when or what it is. Sorry for the inconvenience.


The Results

G’day all, I have finally gotten around to posting the results. I do deeply apologise for the long waits and broken promises but life comes first and foremost. So, I would like to thank @Butter_Boi for all his help during this, I couldn’t have done it without you mate. Now onto the results.

Top 3

Place Contestant Votes
1st @AlphaSeven 7
2nd @Will_A 5
3rd @Nate_Schneller 5

Top 10

Place Contestant Votes
4th @Cessna_Driver 4
5th @United_1154 4
6th @Infinite_Flight_HD 3
7th @DeltaMD88Fan 3
8th @Licas_Piedra 3
9th @AarkonTV 2
10th @DoubleAplays 2

That’s it, not many people voted this time around sadly, if you’re not on the list it’s because you either received 2 votes, 1 vote or not votes at all, if you would like to know please feel free to Message me and I’ll give you your result when I can.

Will there be another one of these? Possibly in the future, if there is, there will be a lot of changes made and people to help me out. Till then, I haven’t got one planned.

Once again, I’m deeply sorry for all the delays with everything and I will make sure I have a clear schedule next time.

All the Best,


I was NOT expecting to win. Holy moly!

Thank you to everyone that has voted for me! Truly appreciate it. And thanks @Qantas094 for the competition, even though you had some problems at least you managed to finish it!


Didn’t expect that at all.

I was pretty proud of the LH shot but figured why not join.

Thanks to those who voted, I appreciate it.

Congrats @AlphaSeven and @Nate_Schneller as well!


Dang. I’ve got competition. Welp, gotta get some shots from an IFAE event and another Heritage Flight 😏😉📸


Congrats to those who made it to the leaderboards and to those who participated!

I need to step up my game too. But it was fun and I hope to be part of another competition,