Infinite Flight Physics Rework

Hey Infinite Flight community!

Have you ever tried to pull off a Cobra in an F22 and found it’s way harder than it should be?

Have you ever flown the Boeing 757 and found it flys real weird?

Have you ever been able to fly to FL1000?

If you’re answered yes, then think about how much better Infinite Flight would be with a complete physics rework! When were the physics for Infinite Flight created? Well since then, technology has gotten much better, and mobile devices are able to handle larger loads.
I submit this feature request, bearing in mind the developers are bogged down with the 777 rework and clouds, which the community is immensely grateful for.

Each aircraft will receive a physics rework once the aircraft itself gets reworked, and they did a soft rework on the A333 so that’s also possible but unlikely.


The physics in all aircraft are different. I’d say this is part of basically every rework request imaginable :)

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The physics on each aircraft will be, and on every new aircraft, are being tested my real world pilots of the specific aircraft to ensure that they have realistic physics.

The F-22 and 757 are some of the most oldest aircraft in the game. They’ll get redone soon™️

This isn’t a needed request under each aircraft rework you can vote for it there

More what I’m getting at, is a rework of the way, say lift is calculated. I’m not a huge tech genius, but I know enough to know that there are two ways a flight simulator can work.

  • It accurately simulates the wind flow over airfoils (I think that’s what it’s called), like X-Plane 11. Or,
  • It calculates the drag, lift, thrust, weight and that via numbers. (I have a feeling this is the way Infinite Flight works)
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No one really has that many votes to vote for a rework of every single aircraft… even if that was what I was asking for

Each aircraft has it’s own flight model, which is updated when an aircraft receives a rework. The physics for the A330, for example, were adjusted recently to be better than they were, as were the physics of the C172 and any other aircraft that has gotten or will get a rework.