Infinite flight physics 10/10

Hello I was very surprised that drag physics work in infinite flight i took off in a 737 and wondering why I wasn’t gaining speed until I relished that the landing gear was still down and when I retracted the gear the plane started gaining speed impressive on modeling the drag

@AdamCallow Open the barn doors! Coming in hot!

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You can take advantage of gear drag:

From the topic:

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About 10 nm

I was just scanning the above topic. It seems the personal preferences ranged from 4nm to 10nm, and also a ground height: 1800 agl (I think it was). If by the stable approach criteria, then no closer than 3nm (cutting it too close maybe?).

I bring them down around the start of the runway cone. Pretty sure that’s what they do in real life

In real life they extend it about 6-7nm final

FYI I’ve heard from a real airline pilot who said he drops the gear a 2000 ft agl

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