Infinite Flight Photograph Editing Request Thread

Welcome to the Editing Staff! @Marcel001

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I can join for some editing.

Not sure if this is allowed But lets let @Moderators decide…

I can Join too

Ok. No problem. Can you give me a reason why you think it may not be allowed?

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I am not sure. If this is sort of a VO (which is somewhat similar due to staff) then you will need permit from IFVARB. Unless, people are free to help each other just like Custom Made Profile Pictures

Oh so you think I should change the wording of staff to volunteer maybe?

I think thats fine. But they must not be the only persons to be allowed to edit photos. Maybe allow random people to help each other out? But I am not sure
We got to ask mods

Ok Im Now accepting photos for editing please ask me here or PM me!

Key Points

  • General Photo Editing (not Photoshop)
  • Water Marks
  • Color Changes (Black and White Ect.)
  • Outlines
  • I will try what ever you throw at me if I can do it I will do it If I cant I will hand it off to another Editor.
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Welcome to the editing volunteer team @CaptainHugh @Kyline_Gudy @USA_ATC


Well in the mean time, pls add me in the team!

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I also reccommend this as a WIki so people wont have to wait for you to edit your post and add them

Edit: Unfortunately, non of us can do it since we are not A regular yet

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I’m happy to edit photos, I can do anything you guys want :)

People will send in photos. You can edit them then.

I meant as in adding the name of volunteers like Patrick Said

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Hello all. I am creating a Private Message for all volunteers.

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That would be nice!

@CaptainHugh Im free to take in photos now please pm to me and I will start editing

just list what you would like in the photo

Right… now take this to the PM. This thread is to request photos to be edited after all. :)

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