Infinite Flight Photo Dump

Good day Infinite Flight pilots! I have a few screenshots for you all to enjoy! Here is my first Infinite Flight photo dump! Let me know which one you love the most!



Awesome! 🔥

A photo dump is a good idea, just taking screenshots occasionally and then posting them all at once instead of having to do individual flights.

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And as you can tell…. The Boeing 777 is my queen 👑

Amazing shots!

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Those are beautiful! Well done!

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F-14 road edition I see

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In the last photo it looks like engines are off but good pictures

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Indeed, they are off. And thank you 🙂

How are you on final with engines off

Or was it just for show

Basically what I did, since it was casual server, I increase my speed to about 250kts IAS. Then when I’m inside of the localizer, about 5 miles on final, I turned them off.

Oh ok that is really cool the other day I was playing on my iPad but I haven’t used it in a while because I do it on my phone and I was on casual instead of training so I was going 600 miles an hour

Haven’t flown on training by myself in so long. Tempted to go back on it just for fun, but the idiotic pilots get on my nerves. That’s why I fly on expert most of the time.

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Well there are also bad pilots in expert

I encountered a F-14 cutting into my approach to 27L at Heathrow and I ended up going to 27R instead a few hours ago

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Yeah I get that all the time on training because I spend an extra 45 minutes doing the pattern because if you get a slot it is rare

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