Infinite Flight Photo Competition

Hello, IFC,

Recently, there have been a lot of RWA spotting competitions, so I made one for photos taken on IF!

Here is how it will work:

1: PM me your photo with the aircraft and location
2: You will be added to a group PM to find out who you will be competing against.
3: Polls will be made on this thread to compete!

Do not take other people’s pics!
Please do not put down any other participants.

It will take me up to 4 hours to accept your submission, so stay patient please!

Only 32 contestants max!

There are 5 contestants already. 27 spots left!

Thank You!

Good luck!


Wait so we aren’t allowed to edit the photo at all except for cropping? No light changes, saturation, brightness, nothing?

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Well that’s me gone XD

I changed the rules, you can edit now :)


Ah hell no


I do honestly feel that these kinds of topics exist purely for the OP to gain additional likes on their profile… I have to agree with @anon24319801 here, this one feels quite rushed without much preparation

I don’t want to come crashing down on your parade, it is just my opinion after all, but these so called “competitions” are just over saturated with no diversity. It just gets repetitive.


I made more rules and put the amount of spots left.

The purpose of this topic is not like farming, but for people to show their artistic ideas and talent in a friendly little competition.


I wouldn’t say that, I do understand what you mean but I know that’s not what there trying to do here. Just my opinion on that.

All due respect, the Screenshots and Videos category already exists for this reason and does a smashing job

What seems rushed? You’ve mentioned several times the word “rushed”. This doesn’t seemed rushed to me.

He has rules placed down, and how the contest will work. It seems like he has it figured out.

Have fun with your competition, I won’t join as I’m planning my own one with @anon38496261.


What do you mean?

Took it to PMs

Can’t think of whether to add text to mine or not…

I can’t help ya 🤷‍♂️

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It looks good! I’m gonna sit this one out, I’m still recovering from my competition with @anon24319801 😂


You’d win anyways! 😂

Can i suggest doin the tread up nicer!?

I think all photo competitions should be banned until the requester provides extensive detailed desires to moderators. This should include plans on everything from rules to voting. And the mods would need to approve this.

Because people and these completions are not doing well. They are all planned poorly, never completed, or just a disaster from the start. A waste of time and a huge let down. Just my two cents. Hope it works out for you.

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You think my competition was a waste?😢

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